Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Southern Living at HOME Final Clearance Sale!

The time is here to say goodbye to Southern Living at HOME and hello to Willow House!  In anticipation of new beginnings, we still have one more month to celebrate the past and what better way to clear house (or stock up yours with fabulous sale finds) than with a FINAL CLEARANCE sale!  This year will be big ... the details will be announced on July 1st but below is a preview of all the products which will be on sale (pending availability).  If you are interested in ordering, please let me know by Monday, July 5th and receive free shipping and no minimum or regular priced purchase! Items will go fast, maybe within the first day - so don't wait!  Once they're gone .. they're gone for good! 

Very Low Quantity
41243 Astoria Versatile Caddy

41251 Chesapeake Bottle Opener

41231 Chesapeake Salad Servers

40958 Drake Lantern Hook

40977 Elegant Stone Serving Stand

40799 Estate Hand Towel Stand

40999 Estate Towel Holder

41034 Filled Candles - Calm

41035 Filled Candles - Natural

41159 Galveston Serving Stand

41224 Luminous Red Wine Glasses

41225 Luminous White Wine Glasses

41147 Orleans Vase Set

40854 SL Party Cookbook

40851 SL Slow Cooker Cookbook

41198 SLAH Signature Candle: Mango Nectarine

41199 SLAH Signature Candle: Pineapple Cilantro

41112 SLAH Signature Candles: Cinnamon Spice

41132 SLAH Signature Candles: Cran. Vanilla

41317 SLAH Signature Portrait: 14"x18" Framed

41318 SLAH Signature Portrait: 14"x18" Wrappe

41315 SLAH Signature Portrait: 18"x22" Framed

41316 SLAH Signature Portrait: 18"x22" Wrappe

41261 SLAH Signature Reed Diffuser: Calm

41260 SLAH Signature Reed Diffuser: Cran. Vanilla

40806 Tole Painted Pots

Somewhat Low Quantity

41156 Ashford Bedside Set

41283 Bordeaux Trivets

41105 Cambrian Wall Plaques

41164 Chesapeake Appetizer Set

41245 Damask Wall Accents

41071 Estate Waste Bin

41116 Filigree Wall Sconce

41033 Filled Candles - Bliss

41217 Gail Pittman Hand-Painted Canister—Siena

40527 Gail Pittman Ruffled Bowl: Siena

41188 Galveston Planter

41189 Galveston Shelf

41252 Galveston Step-out Candelabra

41190 Galveston Wall Art

41191 Galveston Wall Art and Planter

41192 Galveston Wall Art and Shelf

40937 GP Bountiful Pitcher

41219 GPHP Cross - Siena 41143 GPHP Square Casserole - Siena

41233 Jackson Square Lidded Urn

41241 Luminous Accent Plates

41269 Luminous Accent Plates, set of four

41213 Mansfield Sconce

41210 My Masterpieces Art Portfolio

41004 Olive Jar Trio: Green

41006 Olive Jar Trio: Yellow

41027 Olive Jar Trio: one Green, Yellow, and Red

40893 Patina Wall Tiles

41248 Petite Accent Tray

40899 SL Busy Mom's Weeknight Favorites

41266 SL Comfort Food

40505 SL Light & Easy Comfort Food

41200 SLAH Signature Candle: Vanilla Fig

41259 SLAH Signature Candles: Autumn Trio

41111 SLAH Signature Candles: Glistening Pine

40943 Two-In-One Iron Stand

Should make it through sale

40860 Bountiful Iron Stand

41165 Chesapeake Flatware: 5-pc Place Setting

41166 Chesapeake Flatware: 5-pc Place Setting, s/4

41066 Cottage Garden Bowl

41069 Estate Canister

40929 Gallery Spreaders

41021 GPHP Café Mugs, set of two

41025 GPHP Café Mugs, set of four

40948 GPHP Salt & Pepper -Siena

41023 GPHP Trivets, set of three, Siena

41148 Luminous Martini Glasses

41076 Manchester Trivet Trio 40996 My Birthday Memories

40708 New School Memories Album

41005 Olive Jar Trio: Red

40867 Petite Arrange-It-Easy Vase

41054 Petite Bud Vases

41157 Renaissance Candlesticks

41136 Santorini Decorative Bowl

41128 SL Fix it and Forget It Slow Cooker Magic

40984 SL Incredible Chocolate Recipes

41046 SL Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals

41337 SLAH Signature Candle: Resort Trio

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